Duo partner up for cyber package

Duo partner up for cyber package

Cybersecurity insurance company Elpha Secure and Sterling New Age Cyber have partnered to launch ES-1000, an all-inclusive, complimentary cybersecurity package. A business would generally spend in excess of $300 per user annually for the protections offered by ES-1000, said Geraldine DelPrete, president of programs for SterlingRisk.

“From the moment a policy is bound, Elpha Secure focuses on mitigating risk and cyber threat,” DelPrete said. “In addition to performing its initial ES Threat Metric network assessment, Elpha Secure has now rolled out ES-1000, a robust alignment of cyber assessment services, educational resources and expert consultation, all at no additional cost. We see it as a game-changer, elevating cybersecurity insurance to a central role in meeting a company’s total cybersecurity needs. The fact that the new service is delivered at no additional cost to clients demonstrates our commitment to forging a leadership position in the industry.”

Sterling New Age Cyber was formed earlier this year by SterlingRisk Programs, a division of SterlingRisk Insurance. The new cyber liability program partnered with Elpha Secure, using its tools and software to rank businesses’ cyber exposure and assess and quote coverage.

“We’ve enjoyed success right out of the gate for the simple reason that Elpha Secure and Sterling New Age Cyber are bold, innovative brands,” DelPrete said. “We’re eager to take cybersecurity insurance to the next level through offerings like ES-1000, the ES Threat Metric, and the Elpha Secure Agent, which self-updates and actively monitors programs for suspicious behavior and known malware. Our goal has been the same from the start – to give clients far-reaching coverage and the risk management tools they needs to potentially prevent loss of income from a cyberattack. Providing them with the no-cost ES-1000 and Elpha Secure’s other proprietary services is an important next step in meeting that goal.”

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Duo partner up for cyber package

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